Fave Noms

Project Info: Fave Noms

Fave = favorite; Noms = things to eat.

Fave Noms = an app to help you never eat a bad meal twice, by remembering your favorite meals when you go out to eat.

Fave Noms helps you accomplish this by letting you rate your meal at a restaurant, and then it's geotagged with your location so that the next time you're at the restaurant, you can see what you ate, and how much you did (or didn't) enjoy it.

It's a great app for the road warriors who travel constantly for work. It's also a great app for young families with small children to make their restaurant experience better. My own kids ask me what they got last time when we go to a place we only frequent out of town once a year, and I can tell them. When your toddler is hungry and cranky, and you're hungry and cranky, wouldn't it be great to be able to instantly remember their favorite places to eat?

I built this app because I wanted it, and I use it constantly. Future plans include comments, profiles and more. And yes, this app was built with Unity 3D, which is not just for games.

Project Details

  • Unity 3D App
  • Published to iPhone App Store in 2018
  • App Programming by Greg Dunn (me)
  • Database Programming by Greg Dunn
  • Additional database programming by Jeremy Kendall
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