I Could Be Working

Project Info: I Could Be Working

I Could Be Working was a silly little idea that I had about a character who, at any given point, could be working.. or could be looking up cat videos. The game would be a simple view into that character's moment, with a facebook type feed (with emjoi responses). I thought some pixel art would be fun to do as something different, and found someone on fiverr who did an amazing job with a couple of characters (though only one is implemented at the moment).

This idea was concepted, built and deployed in early 2019. I'm not entirely sure where I'm going to go with it, but even if it goes no further, I'd be okay with that.

Project Details

  • Unity 3D Game
  • Published on Web in 2019
  • Game Programming by Greg Dunn (me)
  • Pixel character graphics by fiverr.com/krisdrawsthings
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