Rolling Blocks

Project Info: Rolling Blocks

Rolling Blocks is one of several games that derived from a picture in my head as I was falling asleep one night, about blocks rolling end over end. I also have a puzzle game in progress with this same mechanic (but longer blocks). In this iteration of the game, there are two distinct parts to each level.

The first part is rolling blocks around (using the arrow keys on desktop or a thumbpad on mobile) until everything falls into place. The blocks are light colored until they hit the right spot in the 8x8 grid in the middle of the play field, and then they take on the proper color they should for that spot. Every graphic is based on an 8x8 icon of pixel artwork. Meanwhile, music in the background plays softly and as each block moves into it's proper place, a note from the accompanying scale plays.

Once all blocks are in place with the 8x8 icon complete, the second part begins. I call this part the Block Playground. The icon is placed upright, and you can tap (or click) on any block and it will randomly grow or shrink. There's also a 'touch to shrink' option (really, it's swipe to shrink) and the ability to build the icon's blocks again, up to 7 times per level -- more than that and the blocks start to bog down the system. When that's done, you can move on to the next block.

There are currently around 30 levels, with icons spanning food, video games and weapons. A new level selection UI is underway.

This game is currently on beta and can be played now, but will be released in the coming months of 2019 onto and both mobile stores for phone and tablet, with both lite and paid versions.

Project Details

  • Unity 3D Game
  • Published on Web in 2018
  • Coming to iOS/Android in 2019
  • Game Programming by Greg Dunn (me)
  • Pixel art from various sources
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