Santa Hates You (but loves me)

Project Info: Santa Hates You (but loves me)

Santa Hates You (but loves me) is a personal project prank app that I created with Unity 3D in 2012, and it was created in a very short period of time (30 days from idea to app store) with a graphic designer I met at a game jam a few weeks earlier.

The general idea is that there was a hidden button on the game screen but if you didn't tap it before hitting the large 'Give Me A Present' button, you got bad presents like an eaten fish skeleton, socks, a book about frogs, or even poop. But if you did know the secrets, you got good presents like cookies, money, cell phones and kittens.

In other words, Santa Hates You (but loves me) -- because I know the secret and you don't. This app will be re-released in 2019 in time for the holiday season with the original graphics and a new set of graphics from a completely different graphic designer to give the app a more traditional look for Santa to increase appeal.

Project Details

  • Unity 3D Game
  • Published to iPhone App Store in 2012
  • Coming back to both app stores in 2019
  • Programming by Greg Dunn (me)
  • 2012 Graphics by Nick Fechter
  • 2012 Animation by Chris Magee
  • 2019 Graphics by Oleg Evteev
  • Sound design by Chris Jolley